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A Step Van or delivery truck, is commonly recognized as a UPS or Fed-Ex trucks. However, Step Vans are used by many companies to distribute their goods to stores. Step Vans also have many other uses, such as deliveries, Police and government S.W.A.T. teams, and other contracting companies. Stepvans have large on board storage capacities for deliveries of various items and are easy to maintain.

Step Vans are used in the process of transporting goods and merchandise from a source location to a destination, known as distribution, that specialize in the delivery of goods to the consumer. There are many variations of Step Vans models for specific types of goods and specialized for deliveries.

There are different delivery types. Cargo Step Vans are primarily delivered via roads, in which postal, courier, and relocation services deliver goods for commercial and private services in which Step Vans are used. Some specialized goods may be delivered via other networks, such as railroads, and airlines.

Step Vans, also known as walk-in delivery vans, are a light to medium duty truck for local deliveries to residences and businesses. They are mostly forward control vehicles, with driven either sitting down or standing up providing access between the driver and products for delivery.

Due to the Step Van size, they have been used as ambulances, fire departments rescue units, radio command centers, DUI testing vehicles, and Mobile Tactical Units. Postal workers also use them in larger deliveries, along with UPS and FedEx using them for decades.

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