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Description: Originally Posted by CIVICTYPEcRx Hey man, I got my rex up and running. Thanks for the good write up, and good luck. Thanks That's awesome! Did you

Thank you, and I figured it out (I now have two crx's to look at for reference). They're ground wires, there are actually four. I decided to cut back the grommet housing and found a whole mess of bundled wire, partially melted.

So I went back to the point where they were good and grounded them on the thermostat (which is where the two crx's were grounded) and turned the key.

Two of my fuel injectors were leaking on the driver's side, so I decided I'd fix that before I lean out my engine and hurt something by starting it. My thought:

and I broke off the driver's side fuel rail stud. Damnit. Also, the starter isn't receiving an ignition signal and the battery's dead (putting out 4V). I have lots of fun waiting for me next weekend. Oh, the exhaust is all set except for the donut gasket (the metal one) that I couldn't get off the old exhaust manifold (the one that goes between the lower end of the header and the catalytic converter). So I'll have to order one of them too. Pushing the "drive my car away" until next weekend, and I'll have to bring a camera with me.

OH, the ground wire kit (the super-spider one) doesn't tell you where to ground it (I could always just assume frame, but I don't want it hanging on headers, radiator pipes, hanging in the radiator fan, etc). Also, the hood isn't going to close on top of it, so I mickey mouse'd it for now. It'll work as a solid ground, but it's one of many different causes for the weird electrical problems I'm seeing. Really, I wouldn't be surprised if the engine isn't properly grounded, and that's why the starter won't turn. I checked all the grounds while I was there, before it got dark, but no dice. Anyway, I'll update with any further information as I come up with it.

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