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I've owned my Accent now for a while, after the floorpan of my Rover Metro fell out on the MOT bench (And the headgasket blew up. And caught fire. And ate itself with rust. But that's another story). It's a 51 plate, January 2002 model, in a lovely metallic blue.

This comes after Hyundai started to move into actually challenging the mainstream manufacturers instead of being a pensioners runabout, but before the Kia C'eed and i30 generation which are actually mainstream-killers.

The result is rather bizzare. It cost, secondhand this year, only £1300. For £300 less, I could have bought an S reg VW Polo, in red and with a few dings and scrapes and a dodgy oil pump.

With the extra £300 invested though, I'm sure I made the better choice. The Hyundai 1.3 Si comes with a spoiler (Gives the back end a much better look, without it it just looks strange somehow, a bit like Quasimodo), electric windows, power steering and the 12v fuel injected engine which will do 0-60 in about 11 seconds.

The engine is another strong point of the Accent - the exhaust note is pretty sweet from 3000RPM upwards to the redline, and with it being Korean (developed from Japan, who probably got it from us :P) it's never once let me down, ever.

The gearbox however seems to be a weak spot; the automatic is allegedly a much smoother and more reliable 'box. The 5 speed manual fitted to mine is decently located for quick shifting, but the synchromesh has worn on 1st and 2nd already, and reverse is a long-lost dream if your in a hurry.

If your not in a hurry though, it's pretty good. The clutch is really light (even after a Metro!) and the gearbox (when taken slowly) is quiet and well thought out.

Everything is pretty ergonomic inside the cabin - variously adjustable front seats (passenger seat doesn't get all the toys though), although for some wierd reason the indicator stalk and windscreen wipers are swapped over from most European cars, which really irritates my dad when he's driving it. If the Accent is your only car (which it is for me) you just get used to it and carry on regardless.

Rear legroom is okay for the class, and the glovebox is a bit of a joke really, but there are quite a few cubby holes stashed around the place to put random things in.

All is not well, however, inside the cabin. As I said earlier; this is the transition generation from dull old-folk boxes to interesting, mainstream killing machines that we have now in 2008 (nearly '09). So despite the decent amount of toys, the plastics are all tupperware level of cheapness. Scratchy and hard, if you tap the dashboard is sounds like yer lunch box. Still, if you remember it's not an Audi, then lifes good.

Steering is pretty well weighted, but when doing a B-road blast, it's not heavy enough to feel where your wheels are pointing, so fast corners are not advised for the Si model with power steering. Use the engine power on the exit to the bend and on the straights rather than powering through a corner.

Suspension is well set-up, at speed it's hard enough not to wallow through corners like a Citroen, but when cruising offers excellent levels of comfort.

So there we have it - The Accent 1.3 Si from 2002. Earlier ones I tend to think are a bit dull, and the last generation of Accent just look. Well, weird really. So this is the prettiest, especially with that spoiler and a black grille (colour coded looks a shade naff on Accents for some reason).

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