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You know how people immediately assume that combining elements from jaw-dropping vehicles and mashing them all up spontaneously nets them a wondrous piece of automotive engineering? Sure, it works sometimes. But for the most part, we’re left scratching our heads while looking at this ungodly sight, bemoaning the sheer lack of creative foresight by the people who built it.

Now, it probably isn’t as bad as it looks, especially at first glance. But once you take a minute and start examining the car, you’ll notice that a lot of what makes the car look the way it does is the elements found in the aforementioned supercars. The front end looks like a dysfunctional marriage between an Enzo and a Reventon, the interior seating lay-out looks to have been ripped out of a McLaren F1 – except that this one looks far more cramped - and don’t even get us started on why those taillights look suspiciously like the ones found on the G35. It’s because they are!

In a world full of pretentious poseurs, you’re never going to run out of examples to illustrate just how far copycats have come to being more obnoxiously open about their impersonating ways.

Heck, even car owners seem to have been bitten by this bug. Not content with the cars they have, they try to add a couple of things here and a few more things there to make us believe that what they’re driving is actually worth more than what’s really under the facelift.

While we applaud the effort of incorporating those R8-famous side blades on the G35, it’s also completely ridiculous. Put it this way: no amount of facelift or re-tooling can make an Infiniti G35 look like an Audi R8.

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