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Description: The Jaguar Mark X (1965); Also known as: MKX, MK10, 4.2-Liter, Mark Ten. Originally aimed at the North American market, the 'Mark Ten' succeeded the Mark IX in 1961 as Jaguar's large, extra wide, luxury saloon, first showing off the soon-to-be familiar, modern face of Jaguar - prominent grille between four headlamps. Production started with the iconic XK 6-cylinder twin-

This 1965 Jaguar Mark X Saloon is finished in British Racing Green over Biscuit Connolly leather and sumptuous burl wood trim. The car has been restored and professionally re-engineered during the process of the restoration with a GM 350 cubic-inch 'Target-Master' V-8 engine backed up by a bulletproof Turbo-Hydramatic 350 automatic transmission. Unlike the later XJ6, the Mark X and earlier cars did not lend themselves to a pre-fabricated kit to install the GM engine, making this quite a unique conversion, while providing Jaguar elegance with dependability.

In 2012, this car was offered for sale at the Glenmoor Gathering Auction presented by Classic Motorcar Auctions. It was estimated to sell for $18,000 - $25,000.

The Jaguar Mark X, also known as the Mark Ten, was produced from 1961 through 1970 and offered in three variations during that time. The Jaguar was offered with a 3781 cc six-cylinder engine or a larger 4235 cc engine. The 3.8 liter engine was more popular with a total of 13,382 examples produced but by 1964 the 4235 cc ruled out by 1964 and became the only offering. The Mark X was the largest saloon vehicle produced by Jaguar and it was specially created for the United States and their big demands and large roads. At 4200 lbs, the 4.2 liter six-cylinder engine helped this vehicle roll down the road in elegant fashion. The vehicle sat on a 120 inch wheelbase and its 202 inch length provided plenty of room for its occupants.

Britain's widest car, the gargantuan Mk X set a record in 1961 that holds even still today. Pronounced Jaguar ‘mark ten', the Jaguar Mark X was the largest saloon built by British manufacturer Jaguar, and was originally aimed at the U.S. market. Succeeding the Jaguar Mark IX as the company's large saloon model, the Mark X held the record for being the widest production Jaguar ever built. In many ways, the massive Mk X was a tour-de-force for Jaguar, as it incorporated many features unique for this size.

A luxury saloon with four doors and four seats, considered by all to be a majestic vehicle, the Jaguar Mark X was released the same year as the E-type. Launched in 1961, the Mark X was strangely renamed the Jaguar 420G in 1966. 25,000 units were manufactured during production. In 1970, it was discontinued as Jaguar XJ6 production increased. The Mark X had an overall length of 202 inches, over 6 feet wide, nearly 17 foot long and a weight of 4,175 lbs.

Designed with a strange blend of Jaguar and American styling influences, it was unbelievable that this vehicle was mass produced with its large bulging sides and hand-built appearance. The interior of the X was extremely opulent, and incorporated an over abundance of both leather and walnut. Owning the Jaguar Mark X was considered to be as much of a prestige as owning a Rolls Royce.

The Mark X was built on a unitary construction floor plan rather than the old Mk IX separate chassis. With coil springs at the front, the suspension of the vehicle was independent all round. Two engine sizes were available and offered with 3781 cc. The larger 4235 cc unit took over in 1964. Though most vehicles left the factory with the automatic choice of box, manual, manual with overdrive, and automatic transmissions were all options of the Jaguar Mark X. Able to rocket from 0-60 in about 10 seconds, the automatic gear change was situated on the steering column.

Based on the Mark X, the Daimler DS420 was a related model that was often called 'the Daimler Limousine'. The DS420 was produced until 1992 and utilized in various countries in both official capacities and by funeral homes as a hearse vehicle.

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