Jaguar XJ Super V8

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While gas-electric hybrid vehicles are one answer to increasing fuel costs, Jaguar took a unique approach in 2004 by employing state-of-the-art lightweight aluminium to achieve better fuel economy, lower emissions and enhanced driving dynamics on an all-new version of its XJ sedan. Now, using the same aluminium construction, these all-new 2005 XJ Long Wheelbase (LWB) models have achieved best-in-class fuel economy among segment competitors with a Combined rating of as high as 22 miles per gallon.

Constructed using lightweight aluminium joined by self-pierce rivets and epoxy adhesive - state-of-the-art techniques learned from the aerospace industry - the new XJ's body is some 60 percent stiffer yet 40 percent lighter than before. The result is that a new long wheelbase model, like the supercharged Super V8, is a staggering 800 pounds lighter than BMW's long wheelbase 760Li.

The reduced weight not only delivers exceptional fuel economy, it also results in lower emissions, more agile handling and truly athletic performance. The new XJ8 L, for example, accelerates from zero to 60 mph in just 6.3 seconds - compared to 6.9 seconds for the previous XJ8 standard wheelbase model. According to the latest EPA government fuel figures, the 2005 4.2-liter XJ8 L has a best-in-class Highway rating of 28 miles per gallon. That gives the car an outstanding theoretical calculated range of 630 miles - a one-tank trip from New York to Cincinnati, Denver to Kansas City, or a round trip from Chicago to Detroit.

In the new 2004 supercharged Super V8, the benefits are even more pronounced. Its 17mpg/24mpg (City/Highway) EPA rating provides exemption from 'gas guzzler' taxation - another advantage over high performance competitors. And, against the stopwatch, the Super V8 can accelerate from standstill to 60 mph in a sportscar-like 5.0 seconds.

Three versions of the 2005 Jaguar XJ LWB - the XJ8 L, Vanden Plas and Super V8 - will be offered in North America from September. The XJ8 L and Vanden Plas models both feature a 4.2-liter 294bhp AJ-V8, while the flagship Super V8 is powered by a 390bhp supercharged AJ-V8. Each engine benefits from being coupled to the highly-responsive six-speed ZF automatic transmission.

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2002 Jaguar XJ Super V8
Jaguar XJ Super V8 picture # 25 of 39, Rear Angle, MY 2005, 800x600
Jaguar XJ Super V8 picture # 28 of 39, Interior, MY 2005, 800x600

Jaguar XJ Super V8 picture # 31 of 39, Interior, MY 2005, 800x600
2008 Jaguar XJ V8: One cool cat : El Sol de Yakima
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