Kia Rio 1-3 RS

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Description: KIA Rio 1.3 RS, body type: Sedan, doors: 4, power: 82 hp, transmissiom: Manual, fuel: Petrol, years of production: 2003 ‐ 2004

From 2003 KIA started manufacture of cars model Rio. modification of 1.3 RS and finished it in 2004. The weight of the car is 1 tn and a length of 4.2 m, It is shaped as sedan with 4 doors, and may be fit in 5 people with a driver.

«Rio 1.3 RS» auto with a 5-speed manual transmission is fitted to the front wheels. This auto can speed up for 14.3 seconds to 100 km/h, with a ceiling speed of 165 km/h, due to a 4-cylinders petrol motor with a «multipoint injection system», which generate a peak power of 82 hp at 5500 rpm.

Fuel tank volume of this car is 45 liters of petrol, thus when intermediate fuel consumption is 6.7 liters per 100 km (5.4 liters on the track, 8.8 liters in the city), what allow you drive nearly 672 kilometers without refueling.

The front wheels of this model have ventilated disks brakes and attached to the body chassis using suspension «MacPherson, independent, coil springs» and equipped sway bar. Rear wheels have drums brakes and fixed to the body chassis through suspension «Rigid, coil springs». Tires have the following dimensions - 175/65R14.

KIA Rio is not tested for Euro NCAP crash test. In addition to dynamic safety systems (EBD, ABS), it is also has passive safety features (driver airbags ).

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