Kia Sephia II

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Fuel injectors recently cleaned & I often run "fuel injector cleaner" through the gas tank on fill-ups

Turbnado Vortex (fuel saver) in the air intake line & fuel magnets on the injector line (fuel saver)

I know cars pretty well and have taken very good care of this car. I installed the remote start/keyless entry/alarm system myself. The system utilizes an LCD remote pad that is a two-way FM transmitter. Remote start is not only a nice feature for cold regions in the US, but also in SXM on the hot days. Leave the A/C cranked up and remote start the car as your heading to it and it really makes a huge difference by taking the heat out before you get in. Plus it's better for a car to warm up a minute before taking off anyway. I usually just start the car as I'm walking to it.

If genuinely interested, we'll arrange a test drive and meet at the coffee shop near campus. I have a lot of pictures too. so PM me with your email address and I'd be happy to send the pictures of the interior and exterior.

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