Lamborghini Diablo VT Spyder

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Description: This is a battle between two members of the Volkswagen Group that are extremely different, from their propulsion to their age

With so many videos showing us races that involve members of the Holy Hybrid Hypercar Trinity (HHHT) having popped up online, it’s easy to forget just how extreme the LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder are. Nevertheless, whenever one of the three HHHT members battles a supercar that used to be mind-blowingly quick, we are briefly reminded of the special status the trio displays.

Let’s take the Porsche 918 Spyder in the video below, for instance. No further than a week ago, we saw the hybrid Zuffenhausen machine going up against a family member, namely a Lamborghini Aventador Pirelli Edition .

Sure, the Porsche won, but the Aventador gave the 918 a run for its money in terms of the launch control moments.

But what happens if we go back in time and pit the 918 against a V12 Ranging Bull from the 1990s? We are talking about a Lamborghini Diablo here.

This isn’t any Diablo, it’s a VT, which features a six-liter V12 engine and a four-wheel-drive system based on the one used by the LM002 (Rambo Lambo memories, anybody?). The system can send up to 25 percent of the torque to the front axle when the rear wheels spin.

Despite the Lambo’s all-wheel-drive, the two didn’t use a blast-type start. After all, the Porsche’s launch control going up against the Diablo’s three-pedal setup wouldn’t have been exactly fair.

As we said when we discussed the race involving the 918 Spyder and the Aventador Pirelli Edition, we’re not aware of the Porsche’s state of charge. As we’ve seen in the past, when a 918 went up against a Huracan. the electron juice level can have a dramatic influence on the hybrid hypercar’s performance.

Even so, the distance between the 918 and the Diablo can easily be converted into an engineering progress meter, and we’ll invite you to hit the “play” button below for that to happen.

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