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The 1980s are often seen as a time of permissible excess of every shape and size, which paired quite nicely with the spaceship designs and high-powered performance coming from Lamborghini. Most associate the time period with Lambo’s flagship Countach, but below this bedroom-poster superstar was the lesser-known Jalpa. Framed as the smaller, less expensive Italian option, only 410 were ever produced. Now, you can pick up quite possibly the finest example to survive the era of cocaine and Reaganomics for $115,000.

The rare Lambo is on offer from Hyman Ltd. Classic Cars, a vintage vehicle dealer based out of St. Louis, Missouri. Produced in 1988, this particular Jalpa is one of the very last to be created. The wedge-like exterior, a look that simply oozes 80s, is finished in black, as are the leather seats, while the door panels and carpets are tan. Cabin amenities include air conditioning, an early CD player and an open-gate shifter. A mere 25,378 miles are registered on the odometer.

To keep it running, this Jalpa has had a bit of work done to it, including recent repairs to the ignition wires and exhaust manifold, and a fresh set of tires. Overall, though, the car looks beautifully maintained, which is no surprise given the fact the previous owner was a “professional foreign car mechanic who kept a small collection that he pampered with both enthusiasm and intimate knowledge of what the cars needed,” according to Hyman Ltd.

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