Mitsubishi Pajero GLS-B V6 3000

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Description: Mitsubishi Pajero 3.0 GLS V6 3000 6G72 1992>1998 Ignition Lead / Plug Lead

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This is a brand new, affordable OE Specification aftermarket replacement product. 100% Factory tested and built to strict quality control standard to ensure high performance and guaranteed to deliver better fuel economy.

High tension leads  or high tension cables  or spark plug wires  or spark plug cables are the wires that connect a distributor, ignition coil, or magneto to each of the spark plugs in some types of internal combustion engine. "High tension lead" or "cable" is also used for any electrical cable carrying a high voltage in any context. Tension  in this instance is a synonym for voltage. High tension leads, like many engine components, wear out over time. Each lead contains only one wire, as the current does not return through the same lead, but through the earthed/grounded engine which is connected to the opposite battery terminal (negative terminal on modern engines). They have an outer insulation several times thicker than the conductor, made of a very flexible and heat resistant material such as silicone or EPDM rubber. The thick insulation prevents arcing from the cable to an earthed engine component. A rubber "boot" covers each terminal. Dielectric grease can be used to improve insulation; a small amount can be applied in the inside of the rubber boot at each end of each wire to help seal out moisture. The wire from each spark plug is just long enough to reach the distributor, without excess. Each end of a spark plug wire has a metal terminal that clips onto the spark plug and distributor, coil, or magneto. There is dedicated spark plug wire pliers, tools designed for removing the terminal from a spark plug without damaging it.

  • The most common symptom of bad spark plug wires is a rough engine idle. Spark plug wires are responsible for transmitting the electrical current from a vehicle's electrical system to the engine spark plugs, where the electrical current is used to ignite the engine air/fuel mixture. Bad spark plugs wires can inhibit the normal flow of electrical current that reaches a vehicle's spark plugs, which can cause a rough, erratic engine idle.
  • An engine miss, which normally occurs as the result of erratic or incomplete engine combustion, is another common symptom of bad spark plug wires. Many times, bad spark plug wires cause the flow of electrical current to the engine spark plugs to become erratic, alternating between brief periods of normal flow and brief periods of abnormal, erratic flow. The result of this is periods of erratic and incomplete engine combustion, which can manifest itself as an engine miss.
  • Engine hesitation, which is normally most apparent during acceleration, is a condition that often results from either abnormal fuel flow to an engine or abnormal electrical conduction to a vehicle's spark plugs. Bad spark plug wires, whether they degrade internally or develop cracks and breaks in their outer coverings that cause electrical interference, can cause an engine to hesitate if they disrupt the normal flow of electrical current traveling from a car's battery to the engine spark plugs.
  • Proper electrical conduction to a vehicle's spark plugs is needed to ensure proper engine combustion and engine power. Any abnormalities in a vehicle's electrical system, including in its spark plugs and spark plug wires, can negatively affect spark plug firing, which will influence engine combustion and engine power. Bad spark plug wires can result in significant engine power loss if they inhibit or interfere with the normal flow of electricity that reaches a vehicle's spark plugs.
  • A common symptom of a vehicle electrical problem is engine surging, a condition that happens when a vehicle experiences brief spurts of adequate electrical flow to its spark plugs, interspersed with brief periods in which electrical flow is reduced or nonexistent. Engine surging is a common symptom of bad spark plug wires, especially if the wires have cracks or breaks in their outside insulation, a condition that can create significant electrical resistance and lead to abnormal or completely stopped electrical flow to a vehicle's spark plugs.

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Mitsubishi Pajero GLS B V6 3000 - Social Mention search
Mitsubishi Pajero GLS B V6 3000 - Social Mention search

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