Nissan Sentra B-12

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Description: Hi, I'm a newbie and noob at car maintenance as well.I would like to ask some help with my recently acquired sentra. Here it goes, when I start my car

I agree with Worthit, car manufacturers are really cheap when it comes to grounding your car. That and after so much time your grounds need to be refurbished. Doing it will never be a loss even if it didn't fix the problem, it's routine maintenance anyhow.

Your alternators voltage regulator can start to go out and make noise like that, but I'm pretty sure sometimes you go to test it and it looks good at 14.4 volts which throws you off. The best test for an alternator is if you take it out and hand it to the people at AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts.

You could also try running a new power wire from the alternators positive output directly to the positive side of the battery. It's a common trick for Car Audio installations to get more power out of your alternator. If the short was in that tiny stock power wire, adding that extra one should fix the problem.

A short or a bad relay is going to be worst case scenario, since finding it will be so hard, so I would save those for last.

For the relay, you can sometimes save money by swapping out a good known one, say like the horn, and putting it where you think the bad one is. Just make sure they are the same relay with the same model number. If it fixes the problem, go buy a new relay.

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