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Description: A fine specimen from the JDM oddity archive, with 500hp too! | PistonHeads

Fast estates are always well received at PistonHeads. Both the new CLA45 and C63 AMG wagons have been praised round these parts, James is rather besotted with his Volvo V60 Polestar and the PH verdict on both Leon Cupra and Focus ST is to go estate if possible.

It's the combination of an ostensibly practical car with a proper performance variant that's so appealing. They're cool because it feels naughty, the sensible pants family holdall with a hidden wild side. That many also look better than the saloon they are derived from only helps the cause.

Arguably there's no greater mismatch of incredibly exciting underpinnings cloaked in a dour body than the Nissan Stagea. To look at there can't be many more uninspiring estates: boxy, plain, upright and gigantic. No Shooting Brake pretension here, just a big old bus for moving things.

But you will be moving them very quickly in certain Stageas. This is (or rather, was) a Stagea 260RS Autech, a car that used the Skyline R33 GT-R engine and four-wheel drive. According to the ad Autech are marketed similarly to NISMO products in Japan so it's certainly got credibility.

Now we all know very few GT-Rs ever remain standard, such is the tunability of the old RB26DETT and the current VR38DETT engines. Unsurprisingly, that's also the case here. There are new HKS turbos, Tomei cams, a new intercooler, new injectors and a whole load more tweaks to yield 500hp. Should be interesting.

It would be nice to have that power shrouded in a standard Stagea body but the Ohlins coilovers, Volk TE37s plus the Autech bumpers, skirts and rear spoiler ensure it looks a long way from stock. Still, it's hardly outlandish and there are going to be very, very few people who have any idea what it is.

Is £14K too much? It's obviously quite hard to put a price on a highly modified version of a car never sold here but remember there was a (single turbo) Shed Stagea not long ago. The temptation for some would surely be to just sink that into a regular Skyline as well. Hopefully the GT-R specialists in this country can help maintain it and the condition appears very good at least. It would be useful to know when this Stage was imported too and therefore how thorough the rust-proofing has been since its arrival in the UK.

It will likely prove quite expensive to run, you'll forever be explaining what it is and the hearse jokes will probably be continuing for a while. But that doesn't stop the 500hp Stagea Autech 260RS being a very, very cool car. Hats off to anyone brave enough!

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