Oldsmobile G-40 seroes 70 4dr

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Description: The Oldsmobile Series 70 (1940); Also known as: 70 Series, Seventy, 76, 78, Dynamic. The Dynamic 'Series 70' was the middle series offering from Oldsmobile. It was positioned between the Series 60 and the upscale Series 90. Five body styles were available on the Series 70 120-inch wheelbase platform. Base price of the Olds 70 Series was $963 without optional equipment and accessorie

The G-Series 70 was introduced for the 1939 model and was given a wheelbase that measured 120 inches. It shared this platform with the top-of-the-line L-Series 90 Eight. They were available in a variety of body styles including four two-door models and a four-door sedan.

For 1949, the letter designations were dropped in favor of names. The G-Series became the Dynamic and nearly 80,000 examples were produced that year.

This particular example is a Station Wagon that was only offered by Oldsmobile on the bottom of the line special 60-Series. It had the same wheelbase and dimensions as the Chevrolet Special Deluxe Wagon. The production of wagons, as was the custom at the time, was outsourced to outside body companies. One such company was Mid-State Body Company in Waterloo, New York.

This Oldsmobile appears to wear a one-off custom station wagon body. It was found in a barn in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania where it rested from 1958 until 1988 when it was discovered by J.W. Norman. The barn was slated for demolition when Mr. Norman spotted the unique vehicle and quickly struck a deal for the car. In the years that followed, it was given a restoration that took about two decades to complete. As much of the original wood was retained as possible. The parchment type interior panels were also salvaged where possible.

This wagon is powered by a 230 cubic-inch L-head six-cylinder engine with a single Downdraft carburetor and offering nearly 100 horsepower. There is a 3-speed manual transmission and 4-wheel hydraulic drum brakes.

The Oldsmobile G-Series 70 was introduced in 1939 and would remain in production until the onset of World War II. The new G-Series had the previous L-Series chassis and powered by the smaller F-Series powerplant. The L-head, 230 cubic-inch unit offered 95 horsepower and 180 foot-pounds of torque. The wheelbase measured 120 inches and was 197-inches long. The bodystyles were similar to the L-Series cars and included a convertible, business coupe, club coupe, and 2- and 4-door sedan. Sales were strong, with most buyers purchasing the 4-door sedan (of which 38,145 units were sold).

For 1940, the Series 70 remained on a 120-inch platform and was powered by a 95 HP, six-cylinder motor. The five bodystyles were still available.

For 1941, the Series 70 Dynamic Cruiser was available as the 76 which used a stright-6 and the 78 which had a straight-8. The Model 78 was retired after the 1949 introduction of the new Oldsmobile 88, which was based on the Series 70. It also brought with it the new Rocket V8. The Model 76 remained in production until 1950.

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