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Mint condition, except bonnet stone chips and mediocre repair to drivers door. Proper repair and re-spray to be done in Feb 2010.

Superb seats (cloth), steering, ride and handling. Performance very good, but only with plenty of revs. With the right road ie. twisty but not long/steep hills, the driving experience is amazing for a car of such age.

Only down size is mid-range punch, which is weaker than my previous two 2 litre 405 STI's. But that is really nit-picking.

I prefer gear change of STI's, which were meatier, smooth and perhaps more robust. I love the alloys, which are far better looking that the smaller 14 inch STI version with silly centre plates.

In summary, I love to drive this car on my own, and enjoy its open road performance and in particular, handling.

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