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Description: Rover P2. A story of a 1947 Rover P2 16hp Sport Saloon four light. The story follows Tilly from November 1975 when she came into Royce Cole’s possession, through to how she was returned to the UK fifty six years after being exported new to Australia

Lubrication. By pressure from gear type pump forcing oil to all bearings, overhead valve gear and timing chain. Chassis automatically lubricated by Luvax-Bijur system.

Gears. Four speed and reverse. Synchromesh 3rd and Top. Gearbox in unit with engine. Central remote gear control, mounted independent of power unit. Ratios, 1st--15.85-1, 2nd--9.60-1, 3rd--7.0-1. Top--4.7-1.

Free Wheel. Controlled from instrument board, incorporated with gearbox; locks automatically when reversing.

Brakes. Girling balanced mechanical brakes on all four wheels giving an extraordinary high efficiency. The hand brake operates independently on rear wheels only.

Suspension. Semi-elliptic front and rear springs. Hydraulic shock absorbers piston type, front and rear.

Dimensions. Wheelbase 9ft 7in. Front Track 4ft 4in. rear 4ft 6in. Overall length 14ft 6in. Overall width 5ft 2in. Ground clearance 6 1/2 " Weight-Sport Saloon 27 3/4 cwt. Height-Sport Saloon 5ft 2 1/2 ".

Performance Data for 1939 Model (I doubt very much if there was any difference between 1939 and 1947)

If you look into the engine bay on the drivers side you will see the steering column crossing over the chassis, at this point the chassis number should be on the main chassis leg (see left picture below).

There should be a 7 digit number and if the vehicle is an original "Export Model" the number will start with the letter "R" for RHD and "L" for LHD

On the bulkhead there is a brass plate (see right picture below) with a Body Number, (this is not the chassis number) this number (if original) will correspond with the last 4 digits of the chassis number.

Seven-digit numbers, preceded on Export models for 1946-49 by an R or L prefix to denote right hand or left hand drive

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