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Description: The website is a website about the Rover SD1 built from 1976 untill 1986 by British Leyland UK. Both technical and historical information is available.

The first 2300 and 2600 models launched by the end of 1977. The earliest six cylinder cars had the "S" suffix registrations, and had the same body shell, rear axle and transmission as the earlier 3500 SD1 but with differences in there running gear. Even the press noted that the cars were almost identical.

Philip Turner (Motor) wrote: "outwardly, the new Rover sixes differ so little from the 3500 that you may well have encountered one on the road without knowing it. The only disguise required was to change the 2300 or 2600 script at the rear for that of the 3500. " And that is still today for a none "Rover man" difficult to see.

The 2600 had the same 6-cylinder engine as the 2300 but with a longer stroke of 84mm. The 2600 had self-leveling rear suspension and was standard, the same as the 3500 used. The 2600 were supplied with the 5 speed manual gearbox. The six cylinder cars were not equipped with central door locking. A number of optional could be ordered for the 2600 including the automatic transmission, power steering, metallic paint, rear seatbelts, Denovo wheels etc. The top speed of the 2600 was nearly as fast as the 3500, 120 mph to 125 mph. But the 6 cylinder was not as refined as the super-smooth V8. The 2.6 was however a bit more economical with average of 23mpg to 21mpg for the 3500. But the 6 cylinder was of course much cheaper as its bigger brother the V8.

Few changes were made to the six cylinder cars between their introduction and 1980. Leather upholstery was an option from half 1978, although just a few cars actually appeared with this option. Power steering was standard on the 2600 cars from October 1978 and black paint could be ordered as extra option early 1979. From 1980 the cars appeared with the new bonnet badge. Air-conditioning became an option, and the automatic gearbox was changed from a Borg Warner type 65 to type 66.

The six cylinder cars became very important these days for the BL group. In October 1977 about 150.000 executive cars were purchased in Britain, and the new six cylinders plugged the gap between the Princess 2200 and Rover 3500 models.

The new 2600, the 2600S model had the improvements for the 2300S plus a lot of extras. A sliding sunroof with automatic wind deflector, central locking, electric windows all around and the self-leveling rear suspension were all standard on the “S” models. And with the 5 speed standard gearbox with higher gear gave the car more economical figures, 26.3 mph/1.000 rpm. Automatic gearbox and air-conditioning were extra options. The engine was no longer equipped with a manual choke mechanism, but had an automatic choke unit (FASD).

The Rover Sd1 series 2 were announced in September 1982. All new cars were built in Cowley. The main differences could be seen in the interiors of the new cars. Four new colours, blue, green and light and dark brown were available, although not on all models. The interiors were colour-keyed from the instrument panel to the boot and carpets. New bumpers came on the car made from polyester with chrome stripping on top. Below the bumper was a colour-keyed spoiler with fog lights. The 2600S was supplied with steel wheels with covers, while the vanden Plas was supplied with alloy wheels also used on the 3500.

The fascia was not changed much, apart from the addition of wood on the more expensive models. The instruments however were revised to give the car a more modern feel. The 2600S model was supplied with a digital clock, while the vanden Plas models had a trip computer. But maybe one of the most important changes from the interior, specially to traditional Rover buyers were the walnut trim panels fitted to the more expensive models, 2600S and upwards. The S models had satin-finish wood door inserts.

Paint systems dramatically changed by 1982 and so the series 2 had more brilliant looking metallic paint colours.

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