Toyota Camry 2-4 LE

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changed spark plugs. and changed ignition switch, this problem seemed to be corrected as of yesterday.

today, Turn key to on, lights and key alarm as usual, turn key to start - everything goes dark. no lights (even dome light), no key sounds, nothing. Turn off and try again, still dark. wait five minutes and back to original condition with lights and key alarm, turn key - nothing.

Hello, when turning the key to On do all the dashlights turn on, do the headlights work and can you shift it out of park?

Yes, until I turn it to start then all the dash lights go out and I cannot shift out of park. until it all resets, five min to five hours later. seem to have been able to force the reset by disconnecting the battery for 2 min and then reconnecting.

Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX checked some fuses, ign fuse,EFI fuse etc? Do you have a voltmeter or testlight available?

There are fuses both under the hood and on the inside at the left lower dash, with the key on check the EFI fuse under the hood in the fuse box near the battery, if this fuse is good do a quick check of the other fuses, then move to the inside and check those fuses as well, some are not relevant to the engine starting but it's a good diea to check all of them for power to both sides, do not remove any fuses, just check the contacts on top.

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