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Description: Whats the deal with the Sportivo Corolla not being able to contend for outright honours in the ARC? Cant toyota just built a few homologation (sp) specials and get over the 'production car' definition or do they need to be mass produced? Even Ford are set to join the ARC with a FWD Focus but in the prototype catagory. Does anyone know the rules to ARC with regard to their definition of 'production' as far as the group N catagory is concerned? EDIT: Are the Corollas still running

DATZED, the Corollas are built by to Grp N (P- prototype) rules which are unique to Austrailia. basically you can parts bin a 4wd turbo drivetrain into a whatever from the same manufacturer, or parts bin a EVO or WRX Grp N drivetrain in. ARCOM has to agree to you doing it, and there are only some things which they'll let you do.

Average Joe can't put on together in his shed- you must be the authorised workshop/team of a manufacturer. Basically it was a way to get toyota back into the ARC. The 'rolla run essentially GT4 running gear, but they've had approval to convert to Air to Air Intercoolers this season, and a coupla other things too.

Toyota cannot compete @Rally of Canberra for outright Grp N spots, cos RoC is an FIA APRC event, and the 'rollas are not FIA grp N homologated. I beleive they'll be competing in the National Event though (as will fro (180B). and tortfeaser (Celica GT4 )) and as did the Ralliart Shagna last year.

The canberra boys -tortfeaser and fro know a lot more about these shenanigans than I. I'm sure they'll be on here in the AM.

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Toyota Group Np Corolla Sportivo
Toyota Group NP Corolla Sportivo

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