Toyota Land Cruiser 70 3-4 D

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Description: The Eezi-Awn K9 Roof Rack System for the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series in the 2.2 meter length works very well for the entire roof line of a 76 Series Wagon.

Introducing the Eezi-Awn K9 Roof Rack System. A revolutionary advancement in expedition style rack design by one of the best names in expedition vehicle equipment. The K9 Roof Rack System is thinner, stronger, more aerodynamic, and more functional than any expedition rack on the market today.

Eezi-Awn took all the best characteristics of an expedition roof rack and not only made them different, but better. With over 30 years of experience in the expedition market on 4 continents, they know what is necessary in a rack and what will take a roof rack to the next level. The K9 rack is designed and manufactured at the Eezi-Awn facility. At the core of the design are these basic tenants. Make it strong. Make it light. Make it aerodynamic. Make if functional. And most of all, make it to last.

  • The exterior edge of the platform is an aerodynamic wedge to let air pass smoothly across the surface. And with the platform slats oriented front to back, there is very little to catch the wind, reducing wind noise and vibration
  • The platform slat extrusions offer incredible tensile strength. Combined with lateral bracing, the platform is strong enough for any load requirement
  • 2 slots are designed into each platform slat to hold the head of an 8mm hex headed bolt, providing infinite mounting location options both laterally and front to back
  • Already own gear for your roof? No worries. You can use your bike, boat and ski mounts on top of the K9 rack. By using Thule or Yakima track towers in the K9 platform slots you can add your sport bars and all your accessories. No need to scrap your existing gear to use this system.
  • The K9 platform is absolutely flat. So now you can mount your Roof Top Tent directly to the flat surface, making it much more aerodynamic. Your cargo carriers will match up much easier as well.
  • Slots in the platform extrusions are accessible on the bottom of the rack, at both the front and back of the rack system. So you can add lights, tables and other accessories to the bottom of the rack as well. <
  • The aerodynamic platform edge has a slot in the top that accepts a 6mm hex head bolt for mounting equipment to the edge of the rack system. A K9 specific edge mounting extrusion is available as an accessory, and it allows you to mount awnings and other equipment vertically to the outer edge.
  • Elegant design is achieved not by adding more to a concept, but by designing in less. Take away what isn't necessary, and design what is left to work harder. That is what was at the foundation of the Eezi-Awn K9 Roof Rack System. Every piece of this system has been smartly created to provide maximum functionality.
  • 4 platforms are all that is necessary across all applications
  • 2 gutter mount leg sizes, adjustable from 5-1/4" to 9" high
  • 2 track mount foot size, adjustable from 1-3/4" to 4" high (FJ Cruiser excl.)
  • Each foot/leg able to tilt 20 degrees either direction from flat for arced roof lines
  • Mount platform as low as you want, or higher for mounting an under rack table
  • Application specific and universal track for gutterless roof systems
  • 8mm mounting slots are spaced equally in slat and between them
  • Platform edge has 6mm mounting slot on top
  • Bottom mounting capacity on both front and back of platform

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