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Description: Selected original content from our e-flyer 'This Week with TRSC'. "Just For Fun" comes out almost every week. What's interesting about these images are the cars that came from the US,

Selected original content from our e-flyer 'This Week with TRSC'. "Just For Fun" comes out almost every week.

What's interesting about these images are the cars that came from the US, including California. We always assumed that when 'our' cars had been repatriated (which is still going on) they were well kept and went to a good home.

Most of you know that Dorothy Deen's 'Cal Sales' had the western US distribution rights to Triumph, and she set up both the show and this promo. The factory did supply some exhibit material as well, but it was her choice of celebrities, and it was typical of the promotional work she was soon to be known for. Deen ended up selling so many TR's that she was able to influence manufacturing decisions, most notably by selecting the colors available. Mike Cook wrote that Cal Sales sold 15,000 TR's through 1959, from their centers in LA, San Francisco, Portland, Vancouver, and Houston.

And that all got started with this somewhat infamous movie star sitting in this very early TR2. How's that for a new product launch?

Ryan Hill reminded us that Terry Moore was also seen promoting the Doretti, which was named after Dorothy Deen. The hair style suggests this picture was taken during the same photo shoot, but these were reproduced as postcards, and they say 'Courtesy Motor Trend Magazine'. It's possible that Dorothy had the product launch and press release and magazine road tests coordinated. The road test appeared in the May '54 issue of Motor Trend (they liked it).

We also have this shot from our archives, taken from the Los Angeles Examiner. Clearly the same lady and the same shoot, and possibly the same car. The newspring reproduction is crude, and you'll notice that an artist had used a rapidograph to outline and sharpen the details in the image. This was common back in the day. Our original TRSC logo was attached back when 'paste-up' meant real paste. Photo provided by Barb Rolfes.

This is the actual Ambassador Hotel display that the Terry Moore photos promoted. There could be one of the photos from her shoot on an easel in the upper right.

This was the introduction of the TR sports car to the US: the east coast launch was by Fergus Motors of New York a month later. While the color isn't accurate, we do know what we're looking at. Five TR2's, 2 Doretti's, and a display chassis, not to mention the large floral bonnet badge hanging over the picket fence.

The display chassis is likely TS20, built for the London Motor Show the previous October. Behind the ropes on the left is a Olive Yellow with Blackberry tonneau, so it's either TS 43, 44, or 45. Foreground is Geranium (pinkish) TS3L, the white car is TS4L, and the black one is somewhere between TS53L to 57L. Notice how the wheels appear to be painted body color. Cal Sales sold accessories, and the Geranium car has sunviosors fitted, which were not a factory item. It may also have wind wings, very similar to what you can buy today.Were the stoneguards black, or were they retouched?

' Geranium' is a hard color to photograph, but TS2367 here is pretty close. TS3L above has the odd 'blackberry' interior.

We think 5 of the first 10 production cars survived. TRSC had contact with the owners of 3, 5 and 7 at one time. They knew what they had, although the cars werre not restored. We have since lost track of them, but they survived into the '80's, so its safe to assume they are all still with us.

Details of the Ambassador show came from Bill Piggott's "Triumph by Name, Triumph by Nature".

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